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IKF Albertville Karate

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YonDan Harbin


Started karate in 1978 in Albertville AL.   I received my 1st. Dan in tgge. I moved to Alpharelta GA. where I trained in American Freestyle Karate with Joe Corley reaching the rank of Yondon 4th Dan in June 1990.  I also trained at the Francis Fong Win Chun Kun Fu Academy in Altana GA. (no rank).


I then went to Reno NV. Where I trained with Chuck Valentine Kempo karate. (no rank) Due to the fact that cross training was not an accepted practice at the time I have work out where ever I could.


Now that I look back on it I think it was a blessing that I got to train with a lot of great people and the knowledge, experience and wisdom of these men have carried me through good and bad times. I currenty hold the title of Tashi with the American karate Academies National Association with Hanshi Jerry Piddington.


I currently work out at the IKF Karate in Alberfville AL, with Renchi Rachel Camp a long time friend allows me to work out at her dojo.  It is my belief that martial arts is a never ending journey because you never stop learning or improving yourself, and if your lucky,  you get to give back to those who have just started their own journey by teaching them the knowledge and wisdom you have learned from the great men and women who came before you

and shared their knowledge and wisdom with you.


Current Activities:

Currently ltrain at IFK Karate in Albertville, AL,

I'm very active in the local Volunteer Fire Dept.


Personal Achievements.

1981: Full contact champion in light weight

1998: Boy Scouts wood badge award

2005: Letter of Accommodation from Alabama State Deforce 1st. Infantry Brigade

           for my help with hurricane Katrina victims

2009: Alabama Rescuer of the year for Marshall Co, Alabama

2018: Inducted into the American Martial Arts Hall of Fame


Class Schedule:


Guntersville Elementary


Tuesday / Thursday

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.


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