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IKF Albertville Karate

Featuring Chito-Ryu Yoshukai Karate

        STUDENT OF THE MONTH: February 2018

Dojo, 5 - 7 Year Old: Luke Arnold


Luke is 5 yrs old, Luke is currently a purple belt. Luke's favorite thing to do in karate is nunchucks.  Some of Luke's other hobbies include playing basketball and watching videos on the iPad

Dojo, 8 - 12 Year Old: Olivia Thornton


Olivia is 9 years old, Olivia is currently a yellow belt.  Olivia's favorite thing to do in karate is sparring.   Some of Olivia's other hobbies include art, baking, and reading.


Dojo: Peyton Blackstone


Peyton is 12 years old, Peyton is currently a purple belt.



APS / AES: Brody Prickett


Brody is 7 yrs old, Brody is currently a purple belt. Brody's favorite things to do in karate are katas and sparring.  Some of Brody's other hobbies include aying basketball, baseball and drawing.


Carlisle Elementary School: Jase Rowan


Jase is 7 years old, Jase is currently a purple belt.   Jase's favorite things in karate is going to the dojo. Some of Jase's other hobbies include reading, playing with brother and drawing.

Guntersville: Everitt Seymour


Everitt is 6 years old,  Everitt is currently a purple belt. Everitt's favorite things in karate are punching, kicking, and doing nunchucks. Some of Everitt's other hobbies include play outside , go bowling, and watch YouTube videos.

Boaz After School Program: Koley Hancock


Koley is 6 years old,  is currently a purple belt. Koley's favorite things in karate is the nunchucks.   Some of Koley's other hobbies include riding his bicycle.

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