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IKF Albertville Karate

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        STUDENT OF THE MONTH: May 2018

Dojo, 5 - 7 Year Old: Ryland Townsend


Ryland is 7 yrs old, Ryland is currently a yellow belt. Ryland's favorite thing to do in karate is flying side kick.  Some of Ryland's other hobbies include fishing.

Dojo, 8 - 12 Year Old: Haruki


Lindsey is 12 years old, Lindsey is currently a green belt with black stripe.  Lindsey's favorite things to do in karate are to do kicks and katas.  Lindsey's  favorite weapon is the Bo.   Some of Lindsey's other hobbies include play video games like Minecraft, Skyrim and Animal Jam, to do Karate, spending time with my family and to swim.


AES / APS Beginner: Zach Hollowell


Zach is 9 years old, Zach is currently a blue belt.  Zach's favorite thing to do in karate is nunchucks.   Some of Zach's other hobbies include Legos, baseball, and basketball.



AES / APS Advanced: Eli Sims


Eli is 9 years old, Zach is currently a 1st. Degree Black Belt.  Eli's favorite thing to do in karate is flying side kick.   Some of Eli's other hobbies include baseball, basketball, reading, drawing and playing video games.



Carlisle Elementary School: Colten Ellis


Colten is 8 years old, Colton is currently a green belt.   Colten's favorite things in karate is flying side kicks.  Some of Colten's other hobbies include playing basketball and playing on his iPad.



Cade is 12 years old,  Cade is currently a 1st. Degree Black Belt. Cade's favorite things in karate are Nunchucks , Sparring , and the bo. Some of Cade's other hobbies include  playing Xbox, football, baseball , and playing on his phone.

Boaz After School Program: Cameron Rhoden


Cameron is 7 years old,  Cameron is currently a green belt. Cameron's favorite thing in karate is practicing nunchucks.   Some of Cameron's other hobbies include playing baseball, playing video games, and playing dodge ball.

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