Dojo, 5 - 7 Year Old: Emely Martinez


Emely is 7 yrs old, Emely is currently a purple belt. Emely's favorite thing to do in karate is 27 Movements.

Dojo, 8 - 12 Year Old: Ana Cruz


Ana is 10 years old, Ana is currently a purple belt.  Ana's favorite thing to do in karate is nunchucks.


APS / AES Beginners: Karsyn Walker


Karsyn is 7 years old, Karsyn is currently a purple belt.  Karsyn's favorite thing to do in karate is 27 Movements.  Some of Karsyn's other hobbies include swim team, basketball, softball, gymnastics, reading and helping others.



APS / AES Advanced: Amora Gonzales


Amora is 7 years old, Amora is currently a yellow belt with stripe.  Amora's favorite things to do in karate is the nunchucks.  Some of Amora's other hobbies include acting in plays, soccer, and cheerleading.


Carlisle Elementary School: Micah Fielder



Micah is 6 years old, Micah is currently a purple belt. Micah's favorite things in karate are laps around the gym and Chinese splits. Some of Micah's other hobbies include playing with his friend Kevin, his cat Bella, and his dog Lilly.

Guntersville: Logan Christensen


Logan is 4 years old, Logan is currently a purple belt. Logan's favorite things in karate are sparring, 27-movements, and doing punches and blocks.. Some of Logan's other hobbies include playing nerf guns and jumping in the bouncy houses.

Boaz After School Program: William Garner


William is 11 years old, William is currently a purple belt. William's favorite things in karate are nunchucks and sparring.   Some of William's other hobbies include playing Legos.


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